Sometimes, it can be destructive to handling a successful eCommerce store. Undoubtedly, the internet is the best place to increase your business, but do you ever wonder that boost in your sales can lead to an increase in fraudulent activities? If no, we are here to help you by highlighting the impact of fraudulent e-commerce behaviour.

Smart Steps Against eCommerce Fraud

1.    Choose A Secure eCommerce Platform

When it comes to choose an eCommerce partner, opt for the one who adheres to the PCI security compliances and provides a platform with features such as:

  • A secure online checkout
  • Layered security
  • Constant fraud monitoring
  • Encryption for all customer transactions
  • Card verification value
  • PCI compliances and scans
  • Address verification system

2.    Use CVV & AVS

CVV stands for Card Verification Value. It is a 3-digit code mentioned on the back of the credit card that can is configured using advanced technology. For this, you have to opt for an appropriate app. In fact, make sure to incorporate a third party app that can protect from the people who steal credit card number, not the CVV.

AVS on the other hand, stands for Address Verification System is a bit different. In this, nothing will display on the site, but it safeguards credentials. It verifies if the address provided in the billing address field matches with the address on the file for the credit card.

3.    Backup Plan

In online business, hacking is one of the major concerns that often happen and all your business details are misused by someone else. Even with tight security, the highly skilled hackers can hamper your existing site and result in great loss. Thus, having a backup plan is very important in the event a re-launch of the site if required. Another good reason to have a backup plan is it helps to save the data in case something unwanted happen with your e-commerce site while updating the software, installing the new plugins or theme, modify the content or any other activity.

4.    Trust Your Guts

If you have any doubt while dealing, immediately call the customers. Honest consumers will appreciate your diligence. Deploy humans as well as the digital mechanisms to track customer’s activities to prevent fraudulently. You can analyze the following filters to track and notify:

  • Several orders from the same account but using different credit cards
  • The IP address and email address is not matching
  • Distinct address name and billing name
  • Fake numbers and email addresses

5.    Consult With Professionals

Whether you are a startup or developing business, you should consult with professionals  who will guide you with the right consultation for

  • Investing in the right way
  • Higher ROI
  • Improve sales
  • Increase lead conversion
  • Enhance the revenue
  • Improve brand awareness
  • Rank your business on the top
  • Prevent fraudulently

At Ismail Alptekin Business Developer, we have been helping our client from the last many years from establishing their online business to making it successful and improve revenue. If you are one among them looking for business improvement services, schedule your appointment with our professionals and discuss your project.

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