There is no doubt then running a B2B eCommerce has quietly grown to surpass the B2C e-commerce marketplace. Analyzing its demand, several manufacturers and distributors from the traditional market are planning to move towards the B2B eCommerce efforts.

Some businesses are effectively stepping ahead launching their e-commerce initiative while others are making some major mistakes. All these make them unable to compete with others.  To help those businesses, here are described some common mistakes. It is advisable to read and avoid the common pitfalls related to implementing B2B e-commerce. Take a look:

Common Mistakes Before Implementing B2B eCommerce

·      Fail To Explain Your Requirements

One of the common mistakes is companies often fail to put time defining the thorough set of the requirements of their e-commerce business grounded in the understanding of business objectives. Mostly, the firms choose the wrong platform that prevents them to take full advantage of their e-commerce business opportunities.

What is important in this step is choosing the right platform. The best way to choose the right platform is extensively documenting your requirements up front. Make sure to include information workflows, pricing, features, contact support, integrations, flexibility and more.  This is because your company is not expert in eCommerce and it is a startup, then choosing the right platform can be tricky, but it will turn out to benefit in getting higher ROI and risk reduction.

·      Underestimating The Need For User Experience

In the desire of making their e-commerce business different from the crowd, several companies make it complex, difficult-to-use and bolt-ons to existing Enterprise Resource Planning, etc. But, you have to think like a customer and make it as easy as possible.

Especially, when implementing the eCommerce system, it important to focus on the user experience. Nowadays, the B2B buyer wants digital UX to make their task easy and fast. From mobile to desktop there are several devices people are using to connect with eshops, so it should be easy for the user to access your site on any device without slow loading. If the UX is poorly executed, it will result in difficult to use website which will be losing your customer.

·      Neglecting The Importance Of Sales Team

Your sales team is necessary to put in your e-commerce that helps to lower your time and efforts of entering the orders, answering the calls, tracking orders and doing everything to improve your business sales. If you are able to commission the sales team for their sales made, it will encourage them to perform well in the future. Make sure to utilize your sales team strategically.


B2B eCommerce market is growing faster, think to perform out of the box that helps at higher gross margins. E-commerce sales frequently show incremental revenue by increasing the returns of existing customers or by inviting new customers. Leave making silly mistakes and for a better result, get a professional’s assistance.

We, at Ismail Alptekin Business Developer, help e-commerce start-ups and developing businesses to improve their sales and revenue. Reach us today to discuss your project requirement.

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