When you have hired a talented team for your business and you are getting good output, you always wanted to keep them for the long term. This is because, they are talented, experienced and have many choices and options.

Retaining highly talented employees is incredibly necessary, as they are the backbone of your business success. So, here are described some strategies to retain your employees.

Conduct Stay Interviews

Conduct the exit interview to know why the employees want to leave you. This is a great way to know the problems your employees may be facing. In your interview include the below questions:

  • Why did they want to work here?
  • What would make them leave the company?
  • What do make them stay?
  • What would you change or improve in this company?

Use the answers to determine employee retention strategies.

Create Open Communication Atmosphere

Be open to discuss your business goals and issues when discussing to employees. This shows that you want to create a collaborative environment for them giving them opportunities to produce their ideas and ask questions. Do not bind them into the limitations. If it happens to run a remote team, you will not be able to make a good team.

Give Priority To Your Employees Development

Employee development goes hand-in-hand with employee retention as all employees work to achieve their personal growth and aspirations. Your employees also want to learn new techniques and develop their career.  You can often ask them questions like:

  • What are their goals?
  • What do they want to achieve?
  • What skills do they want to develop?
  • How can you help them get there?

Provide them with some form of tuitions reimbursement, mentorship and guide them with your experience and knowledge.

Offer Rewards & Incentives

Rewards and incentives are a great way to demonstrate appreciation for employees who meet and exceed your expectations. Depending on the size and growth in the business, you may offer options or bonuses or arrange a nice dinner on the company.

These help to bring a positive culture of the company increases remote employee retention.

Be Flexible With Working Hours

Sometimes, your employees want to change up their schedule and adjust their day off to attend urgent personal meetings with family, friend, doctor or with anyone. This is extremely important to expect your team members to work during specific times.

Provide Regular Feedback

Regular feedback outside of formal evaluations helps the employees to know where they stand and how they can come on the same phase as others.

When your employees find their personal growth in your company, they will not try to leave you. These are the simple employee retention strategies. If you want consultation with professionals for any aspect of your business, Ismail Alptekin Business Developer is here for you. Feel to free to reach us and share your business problems.

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